RETAILS brings you a new way to do shopping. 


Enjoy social experiences and take a break from the real world. You can join through PC or VR, you can be an active first seller participant, whether by owning a shop or by working in it.

Make shopping together anywhere with your friends and family.


Use your Gold Pass to organize private showcase and entertainment.

You can also rent your stage to anyone who wants to make a memorable event. 

$RTLS token

The $RTLS Token is the main token for the RETAILS ecosystem. All the activities within the RETAILS ecosystem will be accessible to those who own $RTLS tokens.

Full details are available in our whitepaper.

$RTLS utility


By staking a certain amount of $RTLS, you will be qualified for unique roles within the community.  These roles will make you eligible for discounts within the platform, future airdrops, and more.

Purchasable Items

By using $RTLS, users of the RETAILS metaverse will be able purchase digital goods as NFTs, which will be usable within the environment.

Play to Earnt

Play-to-earn NFT games are where players can monetize their time while playing video games. This model is the latest addition to the NFT market in the metaverse.


By owning your RETAILS Shop Pass you will be able wheter to create your own shop or to rent it to a brand.