1.When is the mint date?

February 19th, 19:00 UTC.

2.What will the price be?

1 SOL.

Check  How To Mint for more information on the entire process of minting. 

3.What is the utility?

Having a Retails Pass allows you to either create your shop in the Metaverse or to rent it.

In your shop you can sell NFTs, physical products, whatever you want.

4.How do I get whitelisted? When will the pre-sale be?

More informations in our Discord 

5.How many Retails will be available?

There will only be 500 Retails.

6.What benefits do i get from minting a Retails ?

Owning a RETAILS will come with several benefits, such as having your shop in the  Metaverse, accessing our prestigious  Club, and staking to earn $RTLS.